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2003 Honda Civic Trunk Latch

If you're hunting for a Latch lock Trunk lid fit for your 2001-2005 Honda civic, we've got just the thing, our 3-position Trunk Latch lock fits both old-school biz packaging. and it's uncomplicated to adopt - just push the positions up and down to find a practical fit.

Honda Civic 2002 Trunk Latch

The new Trunk Latch lock lid 74851-s5 a-a02 is a lock that helps to keep your Trunk open and secure, this lock is unequaled for a safe and reliable car transport. This is an unique and beautiful Trunk Latch presents available, it is a modern design with a modern look. This Latch presents a beautiful black leather strap with white logo, it is a new feature in the 2003 Honda Civic and will add stability to your car. This is an 2003 Honda Civic with a Trunk Latch lock lid handle assembly 74851-s5 a-a02, the assembly includes a lock lid handle and Trunk lid handle. The assembly is held together by a lock lid handle and Trunk lid handle assembly 74851-s5 a-a02, this is a locked out Trunk Latch that fits the version of the Honda Civic that you have. The lock is a lock for the trunk, and needs to be placed there with the keyhole open, the lock needs to be in place so the key can code the Trunk as being locked.