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2006 Honda Civic Trunk Latch

If you have an 2006 - 2022 Honda Civic lx gx Trunk Latch manual lid lock, we have an unrivaled key for you! This key is for the 2006 - 2022 Honda Civic lx gx Trunk Latch manual lid lock, this key is for the ability to open the Trunk of your car, and it is in like manner great for angels or small children. This key is manufactured of durable metal and it can open any vehicle, this key is a good way for people who yearn to buy a good Trunk Latch manual key.

2006 Honda Civic Trunk Lid

This new Trunk holder Latch lock assy fit for Honda Civic gx lx 2006-11 74851-sna-a12 is an outstanding addition to your car, it protects your Trunk from damage and helps keep your doors easily. The 2006 Honda Civic is a top-of-the-line car for owners who crave to avoid having to open the Trunk or need to remove the Trunk Latch from the car, this help keep the car safe and secure for years to come. If your works and you need to open it, you can try this: 1, remove the key from the lock 2. Open the Trunk 3, remove the seat cover 4. Remove the Trunk latching handle 5, turn the handle around to release the car 6. Car should be ready to go now, the 2006 - 2022 Honda Civic sedan Trunk Latch power lock is a practical substitute to protect your car from thieves and thieves. This power lock keeps thieves from getting access to your car, and makes it so you can't be reached by them.