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2009 Honda Civic Trunk Lid

The 2009 Honda Civic Trunk Lid is an unequaled addition to your car, this Lid is black style and grants a design. It is a valuable addition to your look and feel.

Best 2009 Honda Civic Trunk Lid

This is an 2009 Honda Civic Trunk Lid that fits 06-11 Honda Civic 2 dr coupe, the Lid is a glossy black mugen style and features a wing spoiler. The spoiler is r s Trunk wing and features a black mugen style name, rr, and figure 8, the figure 8 analogous to the one found on the Honda Civic sedan. The Trunk is large and gives a large amount of space, the 2009 Honda Civic is a best-in-class car for enthusiasts who itch for a carbon fiber look and feel. It comes with a Trunk Lid that is fantastic for holding important items, the car also grants a first-rate look and feel. The 2009 Honda Civic with its beautiful gloss black Trunk Lid features an exceptional wanting design, the Lid is from the car and is a first rate addition to car. The Lid is produced from durable and strong materials such as plastic and aluminum that will last long in your fleet, the torsion bar is responsible for completing the back-and-forth motion of the carabiner with the left arm, were it to go up and/or down. This motion torques the left spring in the Trunk Lid torsion bar catch, the catch then forces the left arm out of the carabiner. The catch then screws onto the left arm, the 2009 Honda Civic gives a symbol on the side. This is a pre-owned car, the title is 06-11 Honda Civic coupe 2 dr Trunk Lid latch lock emergency release handle is an 2009 Honda Civic with a Trunk Lid torsion bar. The title is available for $20.