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Dodge Magnum Trunk

The Dodge Magnum Trunk is superb for hiding a Trunk in a car, the Magnum style Trunk is sure to keep your cargo out of trouble. The Trunk organizer is excellent for hiding papers, materials, or anything of value in the trunk, the net storage is sure to keep you organized and organized for hours on end. The universal style is sure to work well with any car.

Dodge Magnum Trunk Release Button

The Dodge Magnum Trunk release button is an unequaled addition to your car, it allows you to release the Trunk gently from the side or rear position so that it doesn't open in the middle as often. This button is in like manner compatible with the Dodge Magnum model which means that you can get the car into and out without having to remove the trunk, the Dodge Magnum Trunk cargo organizer is a beneficial substitute to keep your Trunk organized and collapsed. The bag can store your car tools, medications, and more, the organizer also folds up to within the Trunk for effortless storage. This is an unequaled Trunk cargo mat for the car or truck, it is fabricated out of durable material and will make it basic to keep your Trunk clean and organized. This is a top cover for your 05 06 07 08 Dodge Magnum trunk, it can be used for storage or to protect the Trunk from theft. The cover as well basic to operate and just requires a lot of practice to get good accuracy with your Dodge Magnum Trunk abduction techniques.