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Doll Trunk

This Doll Trunk case from mattel is outstanding for enthusiasts who admire to play with their barbies, this case with all the accessories makes sure your Doll always safe and secure.

Vintage Doll Trunk

This is a beneficial opportunity to have a new look in your Doll trunk, with the new steamer Trunk suitcase, you can add new personality to your dolls and look your best. The 14 x7 x8 nutmeg brown Trunk suitcase is designed with an unique, detailed design that will make your dolls stand out, this product is a practical way to complement your stores fashion sense and show your artistry. This toy is sure to make your Doll feel like a true tree-like figure! With its natural vegetable protein content, the Trunk Doll tyler wentworth gold Trunk will make your doll's hair and skin look like the most beautiful green leaves! Plus, the gold truss will add a touch of luxury to your doll's body, while the green leaves on the Trunk dolls' dress will add a touch of dignity to your doll's coat, this Doll Trunk cases are top addition to doll's play space. With it door-opener-style case and spacious treatment, this case will make your Doll feel at home, the colorful trunks cases are terrific way to keep your doll's play space colorful and fresh. This vintage minded Doll steamer is unrivalled for would-be travelers, it comes with a cool trunk, fantastic for carrying all your large items. The 8 walker dolls make for a fun and engaging family experience.