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Foot Locker Trunk

This is a vintage 1947 us army Foot Locker Trunk chest it is local pickup only and is in exceptional condition, this is an enticing deal on this valuable old piece of fashion.

Footlocker Trunk

This ventilated Trunk is splendid for storing items like hats, clips, lenses, or boots, the spacious interior features a comfortable space for all. The footlocker is uncomplicated to move about in and is sterling for veteran or military members, this Foot Locker Trunk bed bath and beyond is an exceptional spot to relax and relax the feet. The bed is fabricated with comfortable sleep bonus sheets and the bath is filled with cool water and soft soaps, there is conjointly a safe and secure top bunk for family fun. The chest renders a safe size storage and is ready for use, this footlocker is a valuable spot to keep your feet healthy and safe. This is an outstanding deal on a vintage military Foot Locker storage Trunk box us air force wwii chest the Trunk box is a top-grade for storing storage materials or bringing your military equipment with you, the box is large enough to store all of your military equipment, but small enough not to take up a lot of space. This box is a splendid way for storing military equipment, this Trunk Locker is a classic military style with a green wood box design. It is excellent for holding cargo or storage items, the Trunk Locker can hold up to four items at a time. The locks are vintage military style and have a Foot Locker type handle, this Trunk Locker is a first-rate item to add to room.