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Leather Trunk Handles

This two-piece set of Leather Trunk handle set from havana Leather features 2 nd stitching along the double stitching system for a secure connection and a look of luxury, the hand-carved and hand-stitched Handles are 100% italian leather. These Trunk Handles are beautiful dark havana Leather that imparts been hand-stitched with care into an unequaled function.

Leather Handles For Trunks

Our Handles are fantastic for your trunks! They are old-fashioned Leather but are still sturdy and effective, they need some washtubs for sweat but are definitely worth the money. This is an unrivaled choice assuming that in the market for an original Leather Trunk handle, it presents 8-34 Leather Trunk handle holes, and grants slots in it for chest steaming. It is an old timer in the fashion world, and will look excellent in any old-time fashion store, this is a top set of antique Trunk handle handles. The black Leather is in top grade condition and the Handles are 4-metal end caps, the nails are included. This set is best-in-the-class for any appliance needs, this is a steamer Trunk Leather handle kit for vintage steamer luggage. It includes two Handles and a cognac handle, the kit is for the black Leather Trunk handle for vintage steamer luggage.