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Restore Antique Trunk

Restore an Antique Trunk by removing the tree and screws, no experience necessary.

How To Restore Steamer Trunk

This is a Restore kit for a steamer trunk, you will need to find quality leather handles and fasteners at a garage sale or sale. You also need an u-kit and fasteners- an uncomplicated alternative to get everything you need for this project, our Antique steamer Trunk metal floral is great for any wanting for an Antique steamer Trunk metal design. This beautiful floral design is restored and is practical for any home or office! This restored steamer Trunk is a fantastic addition to your Antique steamer store, it is produced of durable materials and is a top-rated piece for an individual or store. This Restore is based on the original Trunk that was originally bought at a trade show, the Trunk is complete with all original components and functions. The Restore team is fabricated up of experienced volunteers who of classic steamer Trunk restorers, this is a top-notch restoration for individuals who are interested in steamer Trunk restorers.