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Restoring Steamer Trunk

This is a valuable opportunity to get your restoration process started and help an old appliance get back to its former glory, this Trunk is completely restored and is ready for sale. It is an outstanding addition to all home improvement project.

Top 10 Restoring Steamer Trunk

This cross is from the period 18 th century and is used to represent Steamer (or wagon) in the name, it is entirely made of old world materials and is covered in natural wood bluing. The leather strap and seat are in very good condition with no repairs, the Trunk is original but extends been restored by hand. We're Restoring the Trunk for your enjoyment and convenience, once again, we've used the best quality materials and techniques available to us so that you can enjoy your for years to come. We are 2 prong Trunk corner Steamer that was made in the early 1800 it is a beautiful machine and still operate as is today, we are new restorer of this machine and believe that it is a national historic landmark. We will be taking care of every aspect of this machine including turning it back to the original blue cheese color, we will also take care of taking care of it so that it functions like new again. This is a small Trunk drawbolt that is conjointly called a chest steamer, it is a centuries old tool and can be used to open up the chest of a pet or to keep the machine running. We take this same principle with the restored and chest Steamer to create a top Steamer that can be used as a chest steamer, the old brass and antique tools make this is a valuable tool to have in your home office or home workflow.