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Treasure Trunk

This is a beautiful coffee table with a vintage look and feel, this is a splendid surrogate to add a touch of luxury to your space. This table is likewise first-rate for being able to store objects like wallets, cards, and coins, the wooden material gives the table an unique look and feel.

Wooden Treasure Chest 2 pcs Vintage Storage Trunk Box Brown Large & Small Both

Wooden Treasure Chest 2 pcs

By Unbranded


Large Treasure Chest Coffee Table Steamer Trunk w/ Drawers Storage Vintage Style
Large Treasure Chest Coffee Table Wood Brown Blanket Storage Trunk Vintage Look
Large Wood Treasure Chest Coffee Table Storage Blanket Trunk Box Entryway USA
USA Vintage Treasure Chest Wood Storage Trunk Organizer Box Side Stand

Best Treasure Trunk

This is a vintage large wood Treasure chest blanket Trunk storage box coffee table 2 in 1, the chest gives a lot of structure and is heavy but the construction is easier to work with than many other types of objects. The table effortless to assemble and looks splendid with its large Treasure chest design and 2 in 1 features, the coffee table is in like manner fantastic for use as an or bedroom table. This large wooden Treasure chest coffee table is top-quality for the home with a large amount of storage, the chest is filled with treasures and is a fantastic alternative to organize and display them. The coffee table is fabricated from large wooden materials and is covered in a blankets lining to keep the materials warm, the table is large and renders an extra large chest which can hold a lot of treasures. The table is white storage blankets and offers a Trunk style design, the design is retro and is superb for any room. This is a fun and unique substitute to add a preexisting wood look to your home office or home office space, the box imparts a few different features to it such as a door that allows access to the inside without having to remove the door all the way, so you can work in the dark or darken the light. The chest provides a few different features as well, such as a keyhole and a pull open, the drawer open also allows you to take out the wood and place it in a magazine or drawer. The chest is battery operated, so you can set it to always be on and ready for when you want to take it out and put it back in, this is trunk. It is manufactured of cedar and is it is Trunk for grandkids, the chest is based on the four horse Trunk and is hope chest. The cestus is based on the Treasure box and is horse tack towns, the toy box is based on the Treasure and is storage trunk.