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Trunks Saiyan Armor

Looking for a new and cool action figure base for your goku or vegeta? Look no further than trunks Saiyan armor! This Armor is produced from the best materials available and is sure to protect your gear.

Trunks Saiyan Armor Ebay

This Armor is produced of sturdy Armor and is exquisite for protecting your body from blows to the face, the Armor is fabricated out of high-quality materials and is fabricated to last for your favorite tv series. This trunks Saiyan Armor is a beneficial addition to your teen trunks collection! It's colorful and along with the blue and yellow color scheme, will add some extra warmth to your trunks look, it will add a touch of functionality to your trunks look. This figure is figure of trunks irwin, who is a character in the dragon ball z series, he is and skilled in action figures and armor. This Armor is produced of sturdy Armor material, and is complete with a logo and trunks irwin's favorite symbol, the blossom, this figure is a fantastic addition to all collection. This trunks Saiyan Armor is made of high-quality adage and comes with a real works figurine from 2008! It is a best-in-class addition to each Saiyan collection.