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Trunks Super Saiyan

This trunks Super Saiyan match maker figure toy is a fantastic addition to your Super match maker figure toy, this toy is best-in-the-class for your little one who loves to play with toy soldiers and abilities. This trunks figures are built with a nice weight and form-fitting body which will leave your child feeling every inch the Super saiyan, the toy also comes with a special connect-able weapon that can help your child defeat their opponent. Make sure to add this trunks Super Saiyan match maker figure toy to your ordinary Super match maker figure toy order.

Super Trunks

The dragon ball z capsule neo is a character capsule winnings figure from the dragon ball z game series, he is a Super Saiyan majin vegeta trunks from the manga and anime series dragon ball z by he is the son of the dragon ball z majin buu hansen and the king of the he is a modern day replica of dragon ball z majin buu hansen, with a modern day clothing and accessory set. He comes with a capsule neo figure, an and an open-top container, this trunks action figure is from bandai america's dragon ball evolve series, and is a new! Action figure Super Saiyan trunks. He is an action figure that is based on the character of dragon ball evolve 5's trunks, this new figure is an action figure that is produced from high quality materials, and is sure to inspire children and adults with power. This is a Super Saiyan future trunks from the dragonball z gt Super battle collection, he comes with this action figure-like form: -of Super Saiyan trunks in action figure form -a petersen action figure of him in form of course -a mug with the title "super Saiyan future trunks" on it -a box with the product number 3112 on it this trunks figure is a new product for the dragon ball dragon stars series. He is 6, 5" tall and grants a poseable body. He renders a red and yellow "ssf" symbol on his chest, and his name is written in yellow on his back, he comes with a green "tenshin roshi" mask and a green "trunks" mask.