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Wicker Trunk

Introducing the Wicker Trunk storage chest! This unique store-within-a-store is a must-have for a shopper who loves to shop in the vintage category! This chest is manufactured of hard-wrought-woven wood and offers a variety of colorful trimmings, including a trunk, a Trunk toy box, and a few other fun accessories, it's a first-rate substitute to store all of your favorite items, and the quaint design and the tenacious-looking Wicker will make any customer want to buy one.

Wicker Storage Trunk

This vintage Wicker willow Trunk chest is fantastic for any stationary or storage need, the stylish chest is produced from a sustainable Wicker that offers taken the traditional and makes it modern and stylish. This chest offers a modern look to it with its modernized textures and details, the chest is further versatile for use as a storage options as well as a look down on your home. This is a practical gurney flap Wicker Trunk for 11-19 chrysler 300 300 c cars, it presents an 2 pc cost for shoppers who crave to buy this product. It is an excellent accessory for your car, this ivory Wicker chest is a beautiful chest with achinoiserie-style pattern. The chest is produced of Wicker with engraved brass hardware and 32 x16 inch, it is a top-of-the-line addition to all room and is a first rate addition to each cat or dog. This Wicker storage Trunk is an outstanding opportunity to own and use as an end-of-life storage area for your collection of antique french style Wicker Trunk cups and go-to chests, the sleek black and gray design is a fantastic addition to each room, and it can easily be adapted to store other items as well. This Trunk is superb for lovers who admire to gift-shop, as it comes with a built-in chest and a Wicker chest which can store up to six cups at a time, the external built-in chest can store 3-day cup orders, which is plenty of cup space for several gift items.